Phyllida Shaw specialises in facilitation (from one-off meetings and awaydays to long-term planning processes and policy or programme development), research, evaluation, writing (journalism, reports, advocacy) and support for grant-making trusts (research, grant assessment, project management, publications). If in doubt, call and talk through the skills you are looking for. If she is not the right person, she will be happy to suggest other names.


In the life of most organisations there are times when it is helpful bring in a third party to facilitate a discussion or consultation process, or to work alongside members or staff and trustees on the development of an idea. Phyllida has extensive experience of facilitating staff and trustee awaydays, organisational development projects and the shaping of policy statements, strategies and plans. More


Phyllida’s first professional work as a researcher was with the Greater London Council (GLC), where she was a member of the Policy Studies Unit, looking first at the impact of the GLC’s spending on sport and then the arts. She was one of the contributors to Campaign for a Popular Culture (1986). Her first individual commission was to produce, for Merseyside Arts, an accessible summary of John Myserscough’s Economic Importance of the Arts on Merseyside (1987). She went on to become Research Officer at the National Campaign for the Arts (1987-88) before being commissioned by the Arts Council of Great Britain to research and write a book on percent for art, to support the Arts Council’s percent for art campaign. More


Evaluation, at its best, is about learning from experience. Phyllida has worked with a large number of organisations on the evaluation of their projects and programmes. The most informative and useful evaluations are collaborative processes in which an activity or organisation is looked at from different angles, to assess the extent to which it has achieved what it set out to achieve and to agree on the lessons learned. More


Communication through the written word is a key feature of Phyllida’s work. She published her first articles in the 1980s, won the Cosmopolitan New Journalist award in 1983 and went on to work as a journalist and sub editor for Rhinegold Publishing (Arts Management Quarterly, Arts Management Weekly, Museums Journal, Music Teacher and Classical Music). She was editor of the Puppet Centre’s journal, Animations, for four years and of Northern Rock Foundation’s newspaper, Rock Reports, for ten years. She has written and/or edited newspaper and magazine articles, chapters in anthologies, annual reports and multi-year reviews, summaries of others’ research and reports and publications of her own. More

Working with grant-making trusts

Phyllida has a thorough knowledge of the policies and practice of grant-making trusts. She was arts adviser to the Baring Foundation from 1996-2007, an adviser to the arts and heritage programme of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation from 2004-06, and an assessor for the Clore Duffield Foundation’s Small Grants Programme 2005-09. She has recently been working with the Community Foundation (Tyne & Wear and Northumberland). More